RemoteAlert IP Camera Monitoring and Management Platform

Project progress

View reports on work completed, snags, queries and site inspections.

Instant Archive Access

View and download image and video archives instantly.

Manage Multiple Users and Sites

Easy to add and manage new cameras, users and camera sites with the User Management functions.


Monitor real-time productivity remotely on multiple sites.

Fully White Labelled

Create white labelled user and site accounts for multiple customers and contracts.

Pre-set View Setup

Add multiple pre-set views to camera accounts and assign keywords or specific users to each view.


Create, view and download instant time-lapse videos from archives.

Image Comparison

Compare multiple images from project archives.

Easy Configuration

Configure your new cameras easily to the Remote Alert Platform for Live Streaming and FTP Image Archiving.

RemoteAlert is an effective project management tool using ip camera software that allows you to remotely monitor projects, locations and production. Keep your clients, stakeholders and workers up to date with real time data and project status through live video surveillance, real time image and video archiving, instant time-lapse generator and motion event statistics.

View live images – streaming video – or fast updating images on RemoteAlert.  All images time stamped and dated.  Video footage and webcam images fully archived for up to 30 days on Camvista servers and remotely accessed via the RemoteAlert web-interface. Archived images easy to access and manage – hourly, daily, monthly – no hardware required for recording at camera location

Easy-to use, simple to operate, user name and password protected web-interface access RemoteAlert from any computer, iPad, Android or any web-enabled phone – anywhere in the world – no software or plug-ins required to download


Work With US

Camvista work with Global Partners who license a fully personalised and white labelled RemoteAlert platform. For more information follow the link to speak to our re-seller team.