Remote Warehouse Surveillance and Stock Monitoring

Project progress

View reports on work completed, snags, queries and site inspections.

Instant Archive Access

View and download image and video archives instantly.

Manage Multiple Users and Sites

Easy to add and manage new cameras, users and camera sites with the User Management functions.


Monitor real-time productivity remotely on multiple sites.

Fully White Labelled

Create white labelled user and site accounts for multiple customers and contracts.

Pre-set View Setup

Add multiple pre-set views to camera accounts and assign keywords or specific users to each view.


Create, view and download instant time-lapse videos from archives.

Image Comparison

Compare multiple images from project archives.

Easy Configuration

Configure your new cameras easily to the Remote Alert Platform for Live Streaming and FTP Image Archiving.

Camvista can now offer a unique and modern way to monitor stock control levels, identify items and monitor the day to day activity within multiple warehouses remotely. The LiveStore remote monitoring tool will allow full access to numerous users to monitor an unlimited amount of cameras over any number of warehouses and sites throughout the world.

This solution is perfect for warehouse operators with any number of manned or un-manned sites. Users can login remotely through the RemoteAlert camera management platform and view live and realtime images from their warehouses. Using the most up to date pan/tilt/zoom cameras, you can identify stock and items from within the storage facilities to keep on top of stock control, locate items and monitor stock levels remotely.

We work with security partners which will also allow the full integration of security cameras to work within the LiveStore application so you can have full security and project management surveillance of your warehouses that can all be accessed and monitored remotely on PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. As soon as the cameras are installed you can access the live view, appoint pan/tilt/zoom pre-sets to specific locations, add users who can access the camera feed and view video and image archives. You can view all camera feeds at once through our video wall feature and share your camera views with others publicly or privately through embedded iframe code.

With video and image archiving available, you can access realtime archives instantly and download archives directly to your device. This can help with health and safety incident investigations, dispute resolution or to create a handy time-lapse video. Items can be identified on arrival to a warehouse, located in storage and logged when being dispatched all completely remotely with the LiveStore Warehousing Surveillance Platform.

If you are interested in warehouse security and stock control camera systems then contact us today to speak to a member of our team who can advise you on the best solution for you.

  • Stock control
  • Stock and item locator
  • Monitor productivity
  • Lone worker safety
  • Note of deliveries
  • Monitor health and safety
  • Security surveillance
  • Accident and dispute resolution

LiveStore will also allow the main admin to add users that can be restricted to specific locations or views only. This is ideal for luxury goods or self storage locations. Customers can get their own login details and when they login they can only view their own product or stock. This has worked well for vintage car storage, private whisky cask ownership and self storage units with personal items.

Our warehouse and storage IP Camera Management platform can work with live streaming ip cameras and also 4G battery powered cameras that can be easily installed and managed remotely. We work with security partners that can allow security cameras to work simultaneously with our LiveStore platform and the security monitoring platform.

Impress your customers and clients with live views of their stock, realtime updates through video and image archiving and impressive time-lapse videos of warehouses being filled, emptied or racking systems being built.

Contact us today to speak to someone who can assist with your storage and security camera solution. 

Work With US

Camvista work with Global Partners who license a fully personalised and white labelled RemoteAlert platform. For more information follow the link to speak to our re-seller team.